Accidental Anal Sex… Really?

This story was emailed to me a while back by a friend, and I still laugh every time I read it!

Dear Dr Awkward,

I was visiting a “friend with benefits” for the weekend a few weeks ago. We were both very drunk one night and had passed out in bed together. I awoke in the middle of the night, and to my surprise, my friend had started having anal sex with me while I was asleep!

Wrong Hole

Wrong Hole

I called his name and he did not answer. He was actually tapping me while sleeping! For some ungodly reason, I decided to just ride it out and let him finish, even though I was not having much fun and am not a huge fan of anal.

The next morning I asked him if he remembered having sex that night. He said no. I informed him that he had been getting me from behind in his sleep. He was pretty shocked that he could seriously have full-on sex while passed out and not remember it. That day, he went out and bought me flowers to apologize!I felt I had to share my story with others. If you accidentally have anal sex with someone, they at the very least deserve to get “I’m Sorry About the Anal” flowers!

Anally Awakened

Can You Accidentally Have Anal Sex With Someone?

Well, my friend swears up and down that this is a true story, so I believe her. I know I’ve had my share of drunken sex that I barely remember, so it’s not hard to believe that others have had drunken anal sex and not remembered the next day.

In fact, according to this Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine report, accidental anal intercourse occurs at least once for 7.2% of males and 10.4% of females (based on a UK survey, so maybe it’s just on that side of the pond). So, obviously this is a real issue. Maybe we should all band together and start wearing little brown wrist bracelets to raise Awareness for Accidental Anal, and we can call it AAA…

What Should You Really Do?

Unless you’re experiencing serious pain from the anal penetration, it’s probably no big deal. Contact a physician if you are having severe pain, of course, but a little pain is supposedly natural for the first few times. I hear it gets better.

Of course, I’m not really a fan of anal sex myself, but to each their own. But certainly, guys, if you accidentally stick it up the wrong hole, have some decency and buy the girl some flowers.

Bonus points if the words on the card say “Sorry About the Anal”. :-)


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